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The Northern Oneida County Council of Governments is a coalition of towns and villages in the Northern half of Oneida County, New York. Situated at the southern side of the Tug Hill Plateau, NOCCOG provides an outreach of technical and planning assistance to these, for the most part, smaller and more rural communities of the county.


Member Towns:   Member Villages:
Annsville (pop.2957*) Ava (714) Boonville (2158)
Boonville (4572) Camden (5028) Camden (2338)
Forestport (1692) Lee (6875) Holland Patent (441)
Floyd (3885) Remsen (1939) Remsen (513)
Steuben (1191) Trenton (4698) Sylvan Beach (1088)
Vienna (5819) Western (2040)  
* 2010 Census    

NOCCOG staff attend town and village meetings and gather requests for technical, planning, and development assistance. These requests may be made for assistance in understanding and enforcing their local land use laws, fee schedules, SEQR, flood management regulations, consolidation and inter-municipal cooperation, accessory apartments, annexations, performance bonds, sign ordinances, eminent domain, insurance, etc. In addition, NOCCOG provides, in cooperation with the New York State Tug Hill Commission, extended planning assistance to communities on request. This assistance could include surveys, community goal setting and examination of emerging land use needs and the controls currently in place. Planning assistance is coordinated with the Oneida County Planning Department. The Council networks with several organizations, including the Association of Towns of the State of New York, NYCOM (the New York State Conference of Mayors), Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oneida County, and Oneida County Planning, to provide training programs and informational workshops for town and villages. Specific topics are scheduled to meet the needs of newly-elected officials. Workshops may deal with common problems facing area communities, or may provide a forum to clarify local responsibilities due to state or federal mandates. Recent topics have included: Americans with Disabilities Act, Federal CDL drug and alcohol testing regulations, enforcement of local regulations, beaver control, household septic systems, inter-municipal cooperation, digitized mapping, budget preparation, SEQR, among others. NOCCOG provides a forum for inter-municipal communication, coordination, and cooperation, and serves as an informational conduit with surrounding communities and agencies.


Staff: Our staff 's activities and projects are overseen by a five-member Executive Board, selected annually by the NOCCOG membership at its fall Annual Meeting.

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